We are Graphic Designers.

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We are skilled at many things: crafting strategic marketing plans, conceiving creative advertising campaigns, building beautiful websites, designing thoughtful interfaces, and harnessing technology. That said, we are Graphic Designers! We value illustration, typography, color theory, infographics, and all things design. Specifically, we help our clients meet business goals with strategic design — design that gets…

New Work: Barrique 33 Wine Tours

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In order to sell luxury tours in the United States, Claude was in need of Brand that truly represents the Bordeaux experience. The Brand Identity needed to capture the heritage and juxtaposition of historic Bordeaux culture and modern/luxury travel. Our design team knew we had something when Ryan Lascano shared his initial sketch of a…

Three is the Magic Number

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We’re thrilled to be moving at a blistering pace three years into the game. As someone recently mentioned on Twitter, “Time flies when you work 80 hours a week.” We’ve certainly worked hard in the past three years or so (but, not quite that hard). We’d love to thank our clients for helping us become…

Cupcake Collective

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Cupcake Collective, an event headed by Carew Co.’s Leigh Ann Dufurrena, was held August 15th at The Linen Building.  With 2500 cupcakes, over 100 cupcake making participants and hundreds of cupcake connoisseurs – the community cupcake carousal was a great time for all and raised over $3000, benefiting TrICA (Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts)….

Show and Tell: Postcrossing

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I love random!  I love people!  I love getting personal things in the mail; the smallest note from someone is a gift!  All of these elements add up to why I love Postcrossing, The Postcard Crossing Project. I’ve received seven postcards from complete strangers, from all over the world.  I get postcards with cityscapes, cultural…

Social Media a la Mode

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I have a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and Art. I like to think of myself as a visual communicator. I’m another creative mind in the office, trying to hone in where I can best apply myself. I’m here for Carew Co., our clients and projects, gluing it all together. Before…

Vale Wine Co. Website

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We’re fortunate to have met Winemaker John & Vicki Danielson and their business partners. They are great clients/people who were active participants in the process are open to our ideas and opinions along the way. Due to this balance and ability to be trusted guides in our exploration, the result is something we’re very proud…

Urban Winemakers Cooperative

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Out of a savvy business idea came a great creative opportunity. When the cooperative was formed, we were brought in to consult on the brand identity, signage, website, and future marketing of this new wine destination. We knew the brand needed to capture the excitement of what’s going on at the location, but also reflect…

Ryan Lascano

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Ryan joins our team by way of Noot Group, where he spent the past couple years as a designer. Prior to that, Ryan graduated from the Art Institute of Orange County, got his hands dirty at a print shop doing production, and rolled up his sleeves at a Los Angeles-based Architecture firm. Ryan is an…