After 16 years at the helm of Carew Co — years full of successes, a few failures, fantastic relationships, and endless creative opportunities — I made a huge decision. On November 1, Carew Co will join BrandCraft, an agency based in the Tri-Cities.

This is a big change, and one I didn’t make lightly. But our client base is growing and their needs are evolving. Marrying Carew Co’s creative heart with BrandCraft’s performance-based marketing is the best way we can serve the people we’ve built strong relationships with over the past decade and a half.
Our clients will get more for their money: An even greater level of service, more marketing options and expertise, all delivered with the same friendliness and sensibility that has been a hallmark of Carew Co. (We may be bigger, but we’re still Boise Nice.)

> Read on to discover how this change came about and the thought process behind it.